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Chinese Visa

Where are the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers?


CITS operates dozens of Chinese Visa Application Service Centers located throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America to provide quality Chinese visa services. To find your closest center, please go to www.visaforchina.org


What the Chinese Visa Application Service Center offers?


(1) To receive visa or authentication applications and ensure their application documents meet Chinese Government requirements for smooth processing in the various categories.

(2) To provide applicants with intermediate business services, including computer entry of basic information, and transmission of the passport, visa, document of authentication and other application documents between the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General and  the application Center.

(3) To collect visa fees and authentication fees, whether for normal, express or rush service in accordance with the requirements of a Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General and, on their behalf, deliver the passport, visa, documents and document of authentication to the applicant.

(4) To release visa and authentication information in a timely manner, answer customer inquiries and provide assistance through the Application Center’s website, information desk, telephone, and e-mail.

(5) To provide the applicant with other necessary services in accordance with requirements of a Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General.


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